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Greater Choice for You…
                          With CLASS!


Announcing the CHOICE Way to Homeschool!

CLASS has always been the home schoolers’ homeschool program, leading the way for over forty years with an impressive list of benefits that have already helped thousands of families home school with great success.

We have partnered with you by offering:
Curriculum adjusted to each child using standardized test results
The best available materials from a variety of publishers
Parental control over the daily schedule
Nationally recognized transcripts and diplomas
Very low stress on your financial resources

And now we are even better! We offer High School Choice.


High School

Choose the courses your student will take!

That’s right! You may choose some, or all, of your student’s high school courses. Of course, if you prefer, CLASS will be happy to select any or all of the courses for you.
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Elementary School

You have choices too!

If you are enrolling students into elementary grade levels, you can select from a number of alternate publishers. Choose the course that’s right for you.
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