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  Jeff Morello

Jeff Morello
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Mr. Morello wanted to be an artist since he was five years old. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in ceramics and graphic design. The next 25 years were spent as a graphic designer/Art Director.

Mr. Morello has taught classes in typography at Iowa State University and Des Moines Community College. He came to the Chicago area in 1990, and worked at a graphics studio in the River North area. It was during this time that Mr. Morello met the Assistant Headmaster of Christian Liberty Academy and, in 1993, began teaching art at the Academy in Arlington Heights.

Mr. Morello says, “I have been here [over] ten years and seem to enjoy my job very much.”

  Judy Brinkerhoff-Smith

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During high school Mrs. Smith earned money as a portrait painter and has been a portrait painter for 35 years. She is the founder of Brinkerhoff Art Studio and is also a mural painter featuring trompe-l’oeil and faux finishes.

For the last two years, Mrs. Smith has taught at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

“My belief is that anyone with a desire to draw or paint can. No ‘talent’ is necessary to begin with; everyone can be taught to become quite proficient with instruction. Those with skill can, of course, go further.”

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