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Radio Messages by Paul Lindstrom
The following are a selection of radio messages from Dr. Paul Lindstrom’s (1939-2002) popular syndicated program, “There’s No Place Like Home,” hosted by Andrea Fabry. Dr. Lindstrom designed his messages for the busy parent-teacher in need of helpful biblical encouragement and practical home school tips.

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Avoiding planned failure (3:45)

The Basic Ingredient of Success (3:55)
Book suggestions (3:50)

Challenging reading material for pre-school (3:40)
Children and stewardship (3:59)
Creative Writing (3:43)

Deceit (4:00)

Educational benefits of a home garden (3:41)
Exposure to Secular Schools (3:57)

Goals for family (4:04)

Have You Considered Home Education? (3:36)
The Health of Your Child (3:36)
History of Home Schooling (4:02)
Home School and the High School Student (3:58)
How to Instill Proper Respect (3:46)

Illness of Home Schooling Children (3:47)
Influence and Your Child (3:48)

Laziness (4:00)

Manage younger kids while teaching (3:59)
Marital Influence on Your Child (3:47)

Phonics and Reading (3:33)
Poor Academics (3:53)
Practical Living (3:42)
Public Schools and Parental Discernment (4:07)

The Reality of Satanism (4:00)
The Role of Real Love (3:45)

Teaching basic economics (4:04)
Teaching goals to children (4:09)
Teaching the true meaning of peace (4:03)
Television and Your Child (3:25)
The true meaning of joy (3:46)
The true meaning of joy (continued) (3:58)
True Science and Evolution (3:49)

Worry (3:55)

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